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Software Engineering Practice and Myths

Software Engineering Practice

Essence of practice

General steps in carrying out software engineering are,

  • Understand the problem through communication.
  • Plan a solution by modelling and designing.
  • Carry out the plan (coding).
  • Examine result for correctness (testing).

Principles of best practice

  • Software should provide value to users.
  • Keep the software design simple.
  • The vision of the project should be kept in mind throughout.
  • Keep your work products in an understandable format for others to work with them easily.
  • Design in a way that can incorporate changes in future.
  • Build reusable components.
  • Think before acting or learn before starting.

Software Myths (False Belief)

  • Management myths
    • Software practitioners follow the book of standards and procedures for software development.
    • If a delay occurs, programmers can be added at any point.
    • Outsourcing helps.
  • Customer myths
    • General requirements and not a detailed one is needed for starting programming.
    • Software is easy to change.
  • Practitioner’s myths (Developer’s myths)
    • Software development is all about coding.
    • Only a finished software can be tested.
    • Software engineering has plentiful documentation and will slow down the process.
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