Software Process

Software process comprises activities performed to create a software product. It deals with technical and management aspects of software development.

Software process includes :

  • Tasks – focus on small,specific objective
  • Action – set of tasks that produce major work product
  • Activities – group of related tasks and actions for a major objectiv

Process Framework Activities

  1. Communication
    Communicate with stakeholders and customers to obtain objectives of the system and requirements for the software.
  2. Planning
    Software project plan has details of resources needed, tasks and risk factors likely to occur, schedule.
  3. Modeling
    Architectural models and design to better understand the problem and for working towards the best solution.
  4. Construction
    Generation of code and testing of the system to rectify errors and ensuring all specified requirements are met.
  5. Deployment
    Entire software product or partially completed product is delivered to customer for evaluation and feedback.

Umbrella activities

Activities that occur throughout a software process for better management and tracking of the project.

  1. Software project tracking and control
    Compare progress of the project with the plan and take steps to maintain planned schedule.
  2. Risk management
    Evaluate risks that can affect the outcome and quality of the software product.
  3. Software quality assurance (SQA)
    Conduct activities to ensure quality of the product.
  4. Technical reviews
    Assessment of errors and correction done at each stage of activity.
  5. Measurement
    All the measurements of project and product features.
  6. Software configuration management (SCM)
    Controlling and tracking changes in the software.
  7. Reusability management
    Back up work products for reuse and apply mechanism to achieve reusable software components.
  8. Work product preparation and production
    Project planning and other activities used to create work product is documented.
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