Practice and Myths

Software Engineering Practice

Essence of practice

General steps in carrying out software engineering are

  1. Understand the problem(through communication
  2. Plan a solution (by modeling and designing)
  3. Carry out the plan (coding)
  4. Examine result for correctness (testing)

Principles of best practice

  1. Software should provide value to users.
  2. Keep the software design simple.
  3. Vision of the project should be kept in mind throughout.
  4. Keep your work products in an understandable format for others to work with them easily.
  5. Design in a way that can incorporate changes in future.
  6. Build reusable components.
  7. Think before acting or learn before starting.

Software Myths (False Belief)

  1. Management myths
    • Software practitioners follow book of standards and procedures for software development.
    • If delay occurs, programmers can be added at any point.
    • Outsourcing helps.
  2. Customer myths
    • General requirements and not a detailed one is needed for starting programming.
    • Software is easy to change.
  3. Practitioner’s myths (Developer’s myths)
    • Software developing is all about coding.
    • Only a finished software can be tested.
    • Software engineering has plentiful documentation and will slow down the process.
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