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Requirements of a Sensor

The basic requirements of a sensor are

  1. Accuracy: It is the level of exactness between the measured value and the true value.
  2. Hysteresis: It is the difference in the output of the sensor for a given input x when x reaches this value in upscale direction and downscale direction.
  3. Linearity: It is specified in terms of percentage of non-linearity. Non-linearity is the deviation of a sensor output value (real value) from its ideal output value. 
  4. Range: It shows the minimum and maximum limits in which the input can vary.
  5. Repeatability: Repeatability is the capacity of a sensor to deliver the same output for various applications without changing the input value.
  6. Response Time: It shows how fast the output changes on a stepwise change in input.
  7. Ruggedness: It shows how durable a sensor is when operated under extreme conditions.
  8. Sensitivity: It is the ratio of incremental output to incremental input
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