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Microprocessor Tutorial

A microprocessor is a microcomputer’s controlling unit, built on a small chip and capable of performing Arithmetic Logical Unit (ALU) operations and communicating with other devices connected to it. Our Microprocessors tutorials will guide you to learn the architecture, pin diagram and other key concepts of microprocessors easily.


General Architecture of a Computer

Introduction to Microprocessors

Difference between CPU, Microprocessor and Microcontroller

Introduction to 8085 Microprocessor

8085 Bus Organization

The Architecture of 8085 Microprocessor

8085 Pin Diagram

Assembly Language Programming Basics

8085 Instruction Set

Data Transfer Instructions in 8085

Arithmetic Instructions in 8085

Logical, Shift and Rotate Instructions in 8085

Branch Instructions in 8085

Machine Control Instructions in 8085

Addressing Modes in 8085

8085 Instruction Cycle and Timing Diagram

Simple Programs for 8085 Microprocessor

Looping, Indexing and Delay Generation in 8085

Stack in 8085

Subroutines in 8085

Interrupts in 8085