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Data Structure C Tutorial

A data structure is a collection of data elements that provides an efficient method of storing and organising data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently. Data Structures are essential components of many computer science algorithms because they allow programmers to handle data in an efficient manner. Our data structures and algorithms tutorials with C programming examples will guide you to learn data structures in C easily.

Data Structure in C Tutorials

Elementary data organization

Definition of Data Structure

Difference between data type and data structure

Categories of data structures

Data structure operations

Applications of data structures

Algorithm complexity and time space trade off

Big O notation

Introduction to strings

String operations

Pattern matching algorithms

Arrays in C

How to insert and delete elements at the specific position in an array?

Multidimensional arrays in C

Parallel Array

Sparse Matrix

Introduction to Linked Lists

Linked List Operations with Algorithms

Circular Linked List

Doubly Linked List

Header Linked List


Polish Notation Using Stack

Recursion Using Stack with Example


Circular Queue

Priority Queue

Tree Data Structure

Binary Tree

Binary Tree Traversal Algorithms

Binary Tree Traversal Algorithm Without Recursion

Binary Search Tree (BST)

Expression Tree

Graph Data Structure

Depth First Search (DFS)

Breadth First Search (BFS)

Linear Search

Binary Search



Data Structure C Programs

C program to reverse a string using pointers

Implement Pattern matching algorithm using C

C program to search an element in the 2-dimensional array

C program to append 2 arrays

Implement Binary search in C

Sparse matrix and triplet representation in C

Linked list creation in C

Deleting an element from a linked list in C

Creating a doubly linked list in C

Stack using array in C

C Program to evaluate a postfix expression

C Program to implement queue operations using array

C Program to Implement Queue using linked list

Exchange sort in C

Selection sort in C

Insertion sort in C